The VanGogh Group:

Norton Norton: official greeter Aug 29 2004-Aug 3 2015

So many people loved our Norton that it seems only fitting to give him this little send off.  A few inadequate words will never explain how wonderful he was and how much we are going to miss him.

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Master Stylists:

All of our Stylists are highly qualified both in education and experience.
After many years each person still maintains a love of the industry
and a drive to be their personal best.



Kory Stuart: (owner)

Born in Peterborough, Kory has lived here all of her life. She loves this place and the people in it. For that reason she never longed to move to the big city and only goes there for advanced training. It’s too busy, too congested and takes too long to get anywhere. We complain about traffic jams here but they are nothing compared to Toronto. Having a salon was always part of her direction. Having people to work with as great as this group of talents is a dream come true. The best thing about our line of work is not only being able to be creative but after thirty four years or so it’s the relationships you develop with people that is most gratifying. It is humbling to have someone trust you for as long as you’ve been in business, both with their hair and their experiences as human beings. Surrounded by so many good people can only enhance your life and your success. Kory is not accepting new clients at this time. 

Elaine David Elaine David: Elaine has lived in Peterborough for twenty years and has been in the hair industry for over 30 years. When she started out she worked for Frank Marasco in Sudbury, a well known name in our profession. She has received vast advance training from Martin Parson’s in Toronto. Whenever Elaine finds herself bored with what she is doing she is on the phone booking a course to upgrade her already amazing skills. As a result she is a very popular stylist. Booking far in advance is not unusual for her client’s as they like to be assured of her time. Working with Elaine is always fun, she has a devilish sense of humor and to hear her laughter gets the rest of us to laugh along with her.
joan Joan Hogendoorn: Joan has been with us forever and is the center of our universe.” She doesn’t like to say much about herself but we will all tell you that our lives would be much more difficult without her. She is the salon manager as well as an excellent stylist and one of the best colour technicians. Joan is always on top of everything that happens in the salon. Her energy and sly sense of humor keeps all of us motivated and happy to be around her. Every business has to have a solid foundation, for us it is Joan.
Valerie Ward: Val Ward is an energetic and dedicated stylist. Val was raised in the U.K and began her career in 1979 with the world famous Constantino Brothers. In 1980 Val moved to Canada where she became and remains a successful and busy masterstylist. Val would say that she specializes in colour and long hair. However, her styling talents are extensive. Anyone who sits in her chair would tell you that.
Mackenzie Annis: Set on her path by the family business Mackenzie has been doing pedicures and manicures since she was 11, and by 12 decided she wanted to do more by going to school for esthetics. Before then she started offering services to friends and family including waxing. Surrounded by estheticians growing up Mackenzie was able to learn techniques from people in her field. 9 years later, she’s completed her esthetic schooling as well as other continued education courses, such as RefectoCil lash and brow tint and lift trainers course, infection control training regularly, and extensive training in gel nails with the Light Elegance brand. As well as being an esthetician here, and trainer across Ontario Mackenzie loves dancing, acting, camping with her family in the warm summer months, and binge watching Netflix.