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Hair services


Cutting :

All of our appointments are arranged in 45 min or more appointments, depending on the client’s hair, and how long each of our stylists estimate a person will need. There is no guess work for you with any of our stylists. All are are highly trained and experienced for any hair styling requests.

Men/Women $30 and up
Men/Women Master Stylist cut $45 and up


We offer a wide array of colouring techniques, from a basic all over permanent or semi permanent colour to a huge choice in highlights or lowlights. From bi-colour or tri-colour highlights with a base colour to the reverse in low lighting, all of our colour choices are personally selected for you upon your consultation.

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At VanGogh we use exclusively Framesi hair colour from Italy. Framesi has the lowest ammonia content of any hair colour line on the market. Framesi has the best grey coverage available in part due to it’s smaller colour molecule being able to penetrate the hair better. Framesi colour is packed with ingredients like boswellia ,amaranth, coconut oil, and vitamin C. leaving your hair shinier and healthier than ever. We finish your colour with a three step system at the basin to lock in your colour and prevent fading. To follow through, we have a whole line of Framesi at home products to ensure your hair’s longest lasting colour. Including Color Lover shampoo, which comes in formulas for curly, straight and dry hair, Color Lover is the best shampoo launch of 2013, making it one of the most respected shampoos in the industry. Since our new launch being a Framesi salon, our clients have given us very positive feedback. If you have had a great experience and love our products, don’t forget to go to the “testimonial” section and let us know.

Root application from $45
Full colour  from $50
Full set highlights from $95
Customized colour/highlights  $ upon consultation

Permanent waves:

Should you choose to have your hair permed, you will receive a full consultation with your stylist as with any other service to decide which technique and which procedure is best for your hair, if any. Sometimes by the end of the consultation both of you may decide on a different idea and substititute a different service for your hair and lifestyle..everything is really designed for you.

Permanent wave from $65
Blowout from $20
Hair service prices are tallied a-la-carte

We offer a variety of other services as well, such as blow dry setting and updo’s for special occasions or just for the fun of it

Give us a call or email us to let us know what we can help you with.


Spa Services

Spa Combos:

#1  CLASSIC MANICURE/PEDICURE                                      $ 72.00



15 MIN $15
nail filing and buffing, hand lotion and polish application (no cuticle grooming or hand massage)
60 MIN $35
cuticle grooming, nail filing and buffing, hand massage and option of polish.
75 MIN $ 45
Classic manicure treatment as well as lower arm exfoliation, mud mask, and hot stone hand and arm massage with option of weekly or gel polish.





Mini pedicure: 

Nail filing and buffing, hand lotion and polish application. (no cuticle grooming or hand massage)

15 min $20

Classic pedicure: 

Foot soak, cuticle grooming, callus removal, nail filing and buffing, lower leg exfoliation and massage with option of polish.

60 min: $45

Spa/ Shellac Pedicure: 

Classic pedicure treatment as well as a mud mask, hot stone leg and foot massage , with the option of weekly or gel polish

75 min: $55




We use all Moor Spa products as our facial care line


Express Facial, 30 min, $40
An introduction to skin care Includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, and moisturizer, with a skin analysis so you can best understand your skin.

Custom Facial, 60 min, $85
Includes cleansing, toning, exfoliating, serum, mask, moisturizer, any speciality products suggested, and extractions as well as 15 min facial, arm, and scalp massage.

Ultimate Facial, 75 min, $120
Includes toning, exfoliating, serum, mask, moisturizer, any speciality products suggested, and extractions as well as 15 min facial, and arm hot stone massage, arm exfoliation, and scalp massage.

Back Facial, 45 min, $70
Includes cleansing, toning, exfoliating, mask, moisturizer with short massage, and extractions.





For all of our waxing services we use “Rica” which is made in Italy. It is a superior depilation system in many ways. Rica does not contain petroleum which is the ingredient in other waxes which gives it it’s heating ability, unfortunately it has to be heated to a higher temperature and therefore can burn and irritate the skin. Rica uses vegetable oils which don’t have to be as hot and therefore are more comfortable to use on your skin. Rica also does not contain colophony which is a known skin irritant and allergen and is suspected to be a cancer causing agent in other waxes.

Following your waxing service

we apply a non greasy serum containing avocado which was developed specifically to slow hair re-growth. We can also customize the  wax we use depending on your skin type being normal, dry, sensitive or very sensitive.

Facial Waxing :

eyebrow: $15   eyebrow tinting : $13

eyelash tinting: $ 18

lip or chin : $15
combine 2 facial waxing for $25
combine 3 facial waxing for $ 35


***** Make sure to let us know if you are using doctor prescribed skin care products or taking any medications, so we may check for any contraindications.