Van Gogh Designed Hair & Spa

Van Gogh Designed Hair & Spa

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we are Closed until further notice in an effort to keep our staff and clients safe. We hope that you and yours will keep safe and healthy and we appreciate all of the support you all have shown us at this time,

Thank you, Kory Stuart , owner VanGogh #flattenthecurve

In this complicated world, it is difficult to make a choice about where to spend your time and money.    In our opinion as in most cases, beauty and enjoyment are in the eye of the beholder.

We know that when our group of talented people wake up in the morning, we all look forward to coming to work. We love to be around each other, to share our creativity and our lives with each other. We’ve been told that one can feel the warmth and love when coming through the door. Many of our clients show up and meet each other time and again. Some days it is difficult to get them to stop visiting and go on to their next service. Other times one might find the whole staff standing behind one person to tell them how beautiful they are. That person could be eight or eighty years old.

It is this caring that shines through that makes us different from the rest and that holds us together.

Our group of professionals are interested and interesting people. We are so proud of them. Each day it is a pleasure to be in our salon.

If we had one secret to share it would be this: Visit us once,
and you will want to come back again and again.

              Sincerely, Kory and Scott Stuart

                VanGogh established since 1993