Van Gogh Designed Hair & Spa

Van Gogh Designed Hair & Spa

To all of our dear guests:

We have been through a lot together over the years. We have shared so many life experiences together both good and bad. You have always been more to us than just the word “clients” can describe. We can’t tell you how much we have appreciated each and every one of you for not only patronizing our humble establishment but for being there with us as friends and neighbours.

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. Nevertheless, we have managed to get through with the help of each other, with determination and a much-needed sense of humour at times. As we move forward into 2021 we have had to consider what our future will look like here at VanGogh. Many of you know and perhaps many of you don’t know, that we have had our building for sale since July of 2019. At that time we had taken stock of where we wanted to go with our lives in regards to our building and my business. A few of the girls in the salon had expressed that they were going to retire in 2020. Scott and I had to decide how much more we wanted to invest in our building and then how long we were going to stay in the salon business. We decided that we would put the house on the market and see what happened. Being that our place is so unique it would take a unique buyer which would take some time and we knew it could be a lengthy process.

Enter 2020 and the Coronavirus pandemic and all of our lives were put on hold. All of you were with us during this process so we don’t need to tell you what happened.

Re-opening on June 14 2020 was an eye opener to say the least. We do realize and appreciate that we are in such great company with so many other small businesses, front line workers and professionals who also feel so overwhelmed with the process. We are extremely proud of the safe protocol we have underway and absolutely all you have been kind and co-operative and we appreciate you so much.

Once again, we have to evaluate, where do we go from here?

Part of the answer to this question has been taken out of our hands because after over a year of negotiations we do have a pending offer that is expected to close the end of January 2021. Not one part of this deal has been easy, due to Covid-19 answers are slow in coming at every level. For this reason, we have decided to take action because time is ticking. We need to be fair to everyone and give not only you our loyal guests, but our staff as much notice as we can so that everyone can make decisions with their own lives. This is possibly the hardest sentence I’ve ever written in my life:

VanGogh will be closing on January 14 2021.

Elaine David and Joan Waudby will be retiring and not doing any hair at all. Val Ward will be continuing her fabulous career and our hope is that you will show her your love and book with her when she decides where she will be working. We know that Val will do her very best to see anyone who wants to book with her and we know that wherever she goes you will be welcome to see someone at that establishment if Val is too busy. Mackenzie Annis will also be continuing with her talented self in her business Nails By Macky and you can continue to call or text her at 1(289)928-1833. If you are on Facebook please like her page and you can easily book an appointment there as well.

Click here to visit Nails by Macky
Mackenzie is expanding her services, she doesn’t do just nails, she does so much more, she’s one of the best estheticians around.

I realize this news is distressing not only for you but for myself as well. Even though I am making this choice, deciding to end a business after almost 30 years, has a lot of emotion attached to it. A lot of hard work will now begin for me, there is a ton of things to do in the next 2 months and my head is spinning to say the least. This situation is fluid for us and I know you have a lot of questions. You can reach us by email, phone call or in person because I don’t have all of the answers right now, I only wanted to get the word out as early as I possibly could and we can go from there. The VanGogh email will remain until mid-January (vghair@cogeco.ca) and after that I can be reached at vangoghhair@gmail.com

On a personal note, no successful business has ever been that way due to one person. All of the talented people I have had the privilege to work with over the years have been responsible for the success of VanGogh. Most specifically the group of women hairstylists that have been with me for countless years. To Catherine, Elaine, Val, and my rock and right hand Joan I say thank you. Thank you for the absolute professionalism and talent you have shared with myself and your guests for all of these years. Thank you for the shared laughter, the tears, the support and love we have all been so lucky to have in our little salon. I wish the best for all of you, I will miss your company and seeing you on a regular basis. It has been my honour to work with you through all of these years. I sincerely hope that we can get together to have some fun and that a maskless world is somewhere in our near future.

Not to leave out Mackenzie, thank you as well for being so flexible and helping me to keep our supply of PPE and Moor Spa products coming. You are so talented there is nowhere for you to go but upwards to great success in your industry.

Thank you one and all for supporting us over the years. You have been our friends, our inspirations, our reason to get up in the morning. Despite any bad days that may come and go our “clients” have made us so happy to do what we do. God Bless you, stay safe and stay healthy.

With love from, Kory and Scott Stuart and all of the VanGogh girls

                VanGogh established since 1993